Sketch-noting For People who Hate Their Handwriting

Sketch Noting...It's all the rage, and it does help the learning process. All the studies show that internalizing information is aided with a visual note taking process. All of this is great...but what if you hate your handwriting? In the following blog post I'll give you all my tips, tricks and materials for Sketch Noting a different way: I use Google Drawings, PNG's, and free photo resources!

How To:
1. Start with a blank drawing space, I use Google Drawings

2. Find a backdrop for your notes, sometimes it's great to just start with a blank notebook page or simple picture. Use the links below to find copyright free images:

3. Start actively using PNG's as the elements most people would "draw." Like call-outs, shapes, etc. 
  • Play with the order of objects by right clicking and hovering over Order.
  • Make sketch notes fun by adding Bitmoji's (you can drag and drop them from the Google Chrome Extension).  

4. Build a PNG library and organize as you build. I have a folder called Sketch Note PNG's, and sub folders for each object type (shapes, call-outs, animals, flowers, etc). You can buy PNG files for little to no money on Etsy.
5. Every time you make a digital sketch note it will get easier and as you build up your PNG files it will too! here's a link to one of my PNG folders, go ahead and download the folder to get started on your Sketch Note journey! 
I hope this helped get you started on Digital Sketch-Noting! Below are some examples of my Sketch Notes so you can see what I've been up too! Have a great day!


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