Hello And Welcome To The Tech For Y'all Blog!

Who Am I?
I am a teacher, first and foremost. I started teaching Language Arts and Social Studies in a little town in California called Lafayette. My first year teaching I got the incredible opportunity to be the pilot for a new student device at the time - Chromebooks. My 1:1 journey with Chromebooks started a fire that's never gone out.

I taught in Kentucky for awhile and then moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm now a Instructional Technology Coordinator, who is also fortunate enough to run a GEG filled with incredible educators, and present for EdTechTeam. I wouldn't trade my crazy EdTech journey for anything! I am passionate about learning, sharing, and all things tech-y.

Why Blog?
I want this to be a place where I share what I know and hopefully provide the occasional smile, and  reliable encouragement. Also, this year will have a lot of awesome edtech first for me; new conventions, new opportunities, and a brand new edtech academy within my district (FlyCloser). I'll share what I learn here; failures and all! 

I look forward to the year to come and can't wait to expand my PLN! 


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